Guided Scenic Tours on the Muskegon River, Manistee River, Pere Marquette, and Lake Michigan Shore Line!
Kayaking tours, shoreline trips, camping and photography. (231) 527-5736

Guided Fly Fishing Charters on the Muskegon River,  Updated Fishing Reports for Manistee and Muskegon River Guides Available.
Scenic Tours for Lake Michigan Shoreline, Rivers, Beaches, and Fall Color Tours. A great way to check out some of the most beautiful places in Michigan and Great Lakes surrounding areas. Jet Boat Tours and Trips. Eco Trips of MI.
Guided Scenic Tours along Lake Michigan's Gold Coast.
We offer guided scenic tours, paddling trips, and kayaking tours throughout the year. Boat tours are available during the winter, spring, and fall.
Michigan has miles of unexplored woodland, Marshes, and Beaches.
Overnight Camping trips are available in Late Spring and Summer monthes.

Fall is the greatest time to view the colorful river settings.
Eco Tours of West Michigan. Enjoy the scenic beauty Michigan has to offers. Thousands of miles of Lake Michigan coastline, White Pine forests, lakes, streams, and so much more for your family to see! Chicago Scenic tours.  3.5 hrs from Chicago land. Within in 3.5 hours of Chicogo and thousands of miles of sunsets and coastline.

Eco Tours for the photographer. Paddle, or Kayak the Muskegon River near Grand Rapids.

Fall Color tours are an absolute must! Kayak the  Rogue, Muskegon, or Pere Marquette River.
Wheather your interested in Scenic Boat tours, self guided Kayaking trips, or overnight camping trips, we have a special package for you!
Color Tours are available during late September, and October. You may hire a guide, and rent a Kayak. Canoes, Driftboats, or Jet boats may be used for your trips along the coastline or river's edge.

We also offer guided fishing tours along the Muskegon River.

Photography Trips are a great way yo view wildlife in a natural setting.

Brown Trout surrounded be Fall leaves.
Unlike the Grand River, White River, and Pere Marquette Rivers, the Muskegon is a tailwater, this means the Muskegon River never freezes! This allows us to guide tours throughout the winter months. Float trips during the Winter is a beautiful time to be on the water with good numbers of wildlife along the rivers banks. Winter is peaceful and a gorgeous time to view deer, turkey, and otter.

Paddling Sports & Canoeing trips.

Every photo on this website speaks volumes about the day we've had, all with a big smile! Our professional Muskegon River fly fishing guides take great pleasure in fishing with anglers of all skill levels. Also for those interested in offshore fishing, be sure to check out this How to find pelagic fish offshore guide Our guides excel in teaching new anglers from beginners, novices, young people, and families, to guiding
advanced experts. We specialize in tours throughout the year! May and June offer outstanding summertime Trout fishing both fly fishing and light spin tackle.

The Grand River in Grand Rapids, Mi 49505, offers very good winter steelhead fishing.

Kurt with a White River Steelhead landed below the Hesperia Dam.

Muskegon River Winter Steelhead
Trophy Skamania Steelhead on the St. Joseph River near Barrien Springs.

Muskegon River Winter Steelhead

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